John Dee Joined The RAeR

While Dee was in Antwerp, Belgim, he became a member of a secretive group. The author Hendrick Niclaes was also a member Dee writes about it  as being a non-aligned group based on the Pagan philosophies of Pythagorean/Shambhallic government being to take the second way of the Pythagorean Y not the way of the tyrant. It was not based on any one-belief system. It had no arbitrary commands, articles of doctrine, church or congregation. It was without office or territorial claims, without a visible place of government, and can exist without moral or military coercion. It was to impartially cherish and love every race and religion on earth. It would endured successfully precisely because its authority is invisible and could never be attacked and could achieve impregnability by appearing to yielding to conquers yet eventually over coming them with this love. Thus government would be freed from its chains to its own machinery. This non-self -interested form of government was first suggested in Tao Te Ching.dee.jpg

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