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How Has Shambhallah Awareness Centre Made the World a Better Place?

uncharted-2-shambhala-vista-wallpaper-concept-artShambhallah Awareness Centre strives to help individuals and Australia.
Sometimes it is necessary to follow the old Pagan philosopher Socrates advise of civil disobedience and non-compliance to unjust laws in order to achieve this and by actively being involved in campaigns to bring about change to these. Here are some Australia bettering things this in which this organisation has successfully been involved.

1996 -98 Involved In The Campaign To Protect The Natural Therapies Industries.
Devious 1996 Christmas Eve law changes effectively rendered any product using the term ‘Natural’ illegal in Australia and their manufactures could be arrested and detained with out appeal. After the arrest of several producers of natural and herbal products, Shambhallah joined in raising public awareness of this violation of our rights with Bionic Products Pty Ltd and Ray Thorpe Of happy High Herbs.

In 1997, TGA drug administration officers, who arrested him for possession of the then legal Chinese medicine herb Ephedra, invaded his home. Shambhallah actively supported his campaign and moved to have the new draconian laws, under which he had been arrested, overturned. He battled the authorities in the courts for 12 months until his case was dismissed and the TGA were reprimanded for their conduct by the judge.
Apology Letter to Shambhallah From TGA On File.

Outcome: Legal Precedence. Lismore Judge reprimands The Therapeutic Goods Association for their behaviour in this matter. Newspaper clipping on file.

1999 – Involved In Campaign, With The Australian Conservation Foundation, To Stop The Opening Of 18 New Toxic Nuclear Waste Dumps In Australia
In 1998, there was a proposal from an international consortium, Pangea Resources, to establish 18 nuclear waste dump s through out Australia. The plan, to store the world’s spent nuclear fuel and weapons material, was eventually exposed and “publicly condemned and abandoned”.
Outcome: in Jan 2000 Pangea pulls out of Australia due to increasing public awareness and negative public opinion.

2000 – Actively Involved In Overturning With Witchcraft Laws In Queensland
As a newly government recognised Pagan minister and approved Pagan marriage celebrant, Dr. D’Montford gathers public momentum against the repression of the individuals rights to practice their personal deeply held beliefs. John Gold wins case for the Pagan community by claiming the out moded law restricts his right to free trade at Psychic Expos after several of his tarot readers are arrested under the Witchcraft and Vagrancy act.
Out Come: Shambhallah Performs the first Legal Pagan RELIGIOUS handfasting before 3000 people in Brisbane it is televised nationally and on the BBB in the UK.

2000 Went to Cape Town to participate in a scheme where the Norwegian government was giving land back to the Zulu in South Africa.

2002 – Involved In Obtaining Legal Precedence For The Individuals Right To Conscientiously Object To Micro-chipping.
Result: Land make win against Sutherland shire in which the judge upheld my individual right to object and choose which form of registration would be appropriate for my property/dog/child. He acknowledged the limitations and risks of micro-chipping. 

A Procedure Was Outlined For Conscientious Objectors To Micro-chipping.
1. If you do not wish to comply you may be in breach of a council ruling and will be issued with a non-compliance fine, which entitles your case to be heard in court.
2. If your dog is impounded and you are willing to pay the fine and registration fee, it must be released, unmicro-chipped, if you so desire, into your custody, after you have identified yourself as its owner.
3. If the local pound refuses to return your property to you, then you must go to your local court house and asked the Sheriff to accompany you and explain that your property must be returned to you with out alteration.
4. You will still have to pay any fines incurred and the registration.
5. You will then be required to appear at a later date in court and explain why you conscientiously object and that you support traditional non-invasive methods of registration.
6. The judge will them make a decision on your individual case and the amount of, in any fines you must pay.

2003 – Involved Raising Public Awareness And Gathering Momentum For The Overturning With Witchcraft Laws In Victoria.
Victoria was the last place in the Western world to repeal its laws repressing the inalienable human right of an individual being able to worship in the worlds oldest faith according to their deeply held beliefs. Shambhallah helps gather public momentum for these laws to be over turned. Pagan Awareness Network wins case to have law overturned.

2003 -2005 Participates In One Of The Largest And Most Publicized Pagan Inspired Rituals In The World To Help Raise Over $12,000 Towards The Children’s Cancer Unit At Royal Randwick Hospital Sydney.
The Sydney Body Art Ride.
Why Does Shambhallah Support and Participate in People Riding Near Naked and Painted Through the Streets Of Sydney?
Because: – 1 rider = 10 sponsors at $10 each multiplied by 400 riders = $40,000 for the Children’s Cancer Institute of Australia. In 2005, only 25 riders submitted sponsorship forms but we raised $10,000! 100% of funds raised go to Child Cancer Research, an investment in Hope, for children and parents everywhere.

Also, ITS FUN! Get ting painted or dress up and riding to the beach in high summer, through the best city in the world, with a bunch of beautiful people is fun. (Insert rainbow pushbikers image)
Also, we made the news all over the world. We prove d to the people of the world that Sydneysiders do care and can make a difference to sick children in a very Pagan way .
Also, it is an act of reclaim ing your body! Your body belongs to you, not the preachers, or the spectators, or anyone else. It is just another body, do not fret about your appearance, and love yourself! Everyone looks great in a coat of paint or a costume. Break out – it is much easier in a group!
Also, almost all religions share some form of ceremony, which involves a procession to the shore and the ritual immersion, and cleansing of their particular symbol or idol of devotion. Most religions also claim that God is within you. We have all heard the saying “your body is a temple” Be ing a part of a religious/secular procession that includes all beliefs and celebrates our diversity is magic!

2003 Gets the Natural Anti-Cancer Vitamin Laterile/Amygdalin approved in Queensland and Australia wide by 2006

2005 – 2008 Consults On The Best Journal Of The Pagan Community In The Southern Hemisphere – Spellcraft Magazine
Shambhallah Awareness Centre generates the concept, gathers the people, contributes content, edits and consults with Mtier Media on Theological issues in the production of this magazine. Spellcraft magazine is in its third year of production. It is a beautiful, mainstream, glossy, colour, magazine with a circulation of 15,000 in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, and South America and with a strong subscription base in the UK & the US.
Rev. Dr. D’Montford is very proud of this magazine that services the Pagan community in Australia and overseas. Check out her work or subscribe to this magazine at SPELLCRAFT MAGAZINE. Spellcraft magazine has gathered a large magickal family of contributors and readers. They are all interested in spreading accurate knowledge about the craft and creating a strong Pagan community as we journey life’s mystical path together. The Pagan community keeps valuable feedback coming in so that we can make this magazine all that that they need and want it to be.

2008 – Participation In This Groundbreaking Landmark Show Has Been A Privilege. ” The One “
Represents Witchcraft in a positive light on national TV. It proves the existence of psychic abilities. Do we live in a world where psychics can help solve crimes, investigate some of Australia’s greatest mysteries, or even diagnose illness by mere touch? Prepare yourself for the impossible as THE ONE suspends disbelief and makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up “The One”.
2009 Was invited to guest present The Parliment of World Religions and organised for a panel of Local australian Pagan to present there

2010 Established the Happy Medium Publishing Company

2011 Began traveling the world and helping prepare for the changes that will begin in Dec 2012-Jan 2013 – Earthquakes & Warns of large Australian wide floods
2012 – Starts MAGICK MAGAZINE – Begins taking Asia spiritual teachings back to Asia.

2014 Went to “The Hague” to present a petition to stop the slaughter of children accused of witchcraft in Nigeria.

2015 – Assisted with the legalisation of blood root cream (cancer cream/black salve) to treat skin cancer.

2016 – Brought together 37 Pagan groups in Australia that are trying to get paganism recognised as a denomination in Australia