The Journey Begins

The Tarot major acarna is a pictorial depiction of the soul’s journey down the path of enlightenment. The tarot only progresses one way. You cant go backwards. Once you begin to seek you start to find. Once you experience things you can’t unexperience them. Once you learn things you cant unlearn them. Once you know things you can’t unknow them.

Your journey has begun. Don’t be impulsive, plan your advancement. Watch where you are going. Have something to lean on that will help you keep you balance. Listen to good advice from the ones who have walked this path before. Then you will not be foolish, you will avoid disaster, you will grow wise and empowered.

You cant go backwards. Just as the sun cannot go backwards in the sky. You are awaking like the sun over the eastern sea. Your journey down the path of enlightenment has begun.

Thanks for joining me!


The Fool card from Shé D’Montford’s “Talking Tarot” deck.


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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